Why is coaching a dangerous illusion?

Personal development as practiced by coaches consists of applying conditioning methods, developed to improve the performance of athletes, with a view to improving their social success.

In the world of sport, coaching aims to optimize motivation during training through conditioning and limit the effect of stress on the day of the competition.

If these methods work well in terms of social success, and therefore are widely used in the world of work, it is because they lead the individual to practice the game of alliances without restraint.

The use of personal development through coaching therefore corresponds to the abandonment of the objective of succeeding in life in favor of simply succeeding in life.

On the other hand, personal development conveys the myth of an all-powerful individual, who would only have to free himself from the shackles he imposes on himself, and choose what he wants to do with his life.


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Watch the report The business of happiness by Claire Alet and Jean-Christophe Ribot, broadcast by Arte, and probably available on Youtube.


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