How to be successful in life?

To succeed in life is to occupy a high social position.
Réussir sa vie, c'est parvenir, par le travail sur soi même, à devenir capable de prendre des décisions qui ne sont pas le produit de l'ambition sociale et des croyances. Cela permet, et conduit, à établir des relations sincères.

Limits to success in life

To succeed in life, you need to have a lot of fake friends.

The great individual choice of a life is therefore: will my life be dominated by my instincts linked to my genetic heritage, or will a resolute philosophical attitude allow me to overcome them.

If we let ourselves be guided by our instincts, the engine is social ambition, and we seek more to succeed in life than to succeed in life.


This leads to widespread nepotism-type behavior, and lying to oneself as a resolution of cognitive dissonance to be able to preserve the good self-image at the expense of others.


It also makes us perpetually dissatisfied, because we do not become all-powerful.


This finally makes us irresponsible beings, because lying to ourselves and beliefs prevent us from taking into account the facts pragmatically in all circumstances.

Recipe for a successful life

The proposed method for a successful life, ie to go beyond our simple genetic heritage through reason and work, consists in applying the recommendations of three great thinkers: Epictetus, Krishnamurti and Epicurus.

The action dimension - Epictetus - the right attitude

The doctrine of Epictetus can be summed up in the form: faced with a problem, separate what depends on you from what does not depend on you.

This method is the only one which makes it possible to reach ataraxia, that is to say to feel at peace. Epictetus simply reminds us that the objective is not so much to succeed as to have no regrets in the event of failure.

Quote from Marc Aurèle: “May I be given the strength to endure what cannot be changed, the courage to change what can be, but also the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

The dimension of reason - Krishnamurti - living in the real

For Krishnamurti, as for Buddhists in general, the spiritual process consists mainly in getting rid of beliefs, in order to be able to look without prejudice at the facts.

It is the perfect complement to Epictetus.

Quote by Marc Aurèle: “Better to limp slowly on the right path than to stride in the wrong direction.

The feelings dimension - Epicure - taming pleasure

Epicure invites us to become selective in terms of pleasures.

To succeed in life, it is necessary to have a long-term approach aimed at favoring the simplest pleasures. More specifically, succeeding in life involves a move towards minimality.

Quote from Epicurus: “All pleasure is not evil in itself;


There are two indicators to detect that one is not succeeding in life:


The internal indicator is to notice that we are pretending.


The external indicator is the others who notice that you are lying to yourself.


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2022-09-05 20:21:49 amelie   

Je trouve cet article très intéressant car c'est important de changer sa vision de la réussite autour de valeurs de vie qui doivent être définies au préalable. Une fois les valeurs trouvées; on peut commencer à définir des actions.
Est-ce que quelqu'un qui réussit sa vie est tout le temps heureux?
Réussir sa vie est aussi vivre dans le moment présent; prendre conscience du monde qui nous entoure.

2022-09-09 21:49:19 Hubert New version

Bonjour Amélie.
Merci pour ton commentaire.
Ce texte fait parti des quatres qui n'étaient pas satisfaisants de mon point de vue. Je viens de le refondre (juste après avoir refondu la question Qu'est ce que la non dualité ?). Cela m'a pris plusieurs semaines, parce que ce faire le tri entre les causes, les conséquences, et les indicateurs n'est pas trivial.
Concernant vivre le moment présent, j'ai choisi d'en parler au niveau de la question Qu'est ce que l'impermanence ?
Le but, et la difficulté principale pour ce site, est de ne pas tout traiter dans chaque question, et donc de trouver un découpage satisfaisant des sujets.

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