What is the perversion of the school system?

The school buys the learning effort with the promise of a higher future social status.
It does not learn to deal with problems.
The school therefore inculcates the notion of castes.

The republican school and the social elevator

L'école républicaine a prétendu que son système de castes est devenu plus juste puisque 'tout le monde a les même chances'. Ceci comporte deux biais majeurs :


In what way is having intellectual facilities a mode of selection of the privileged less unfair than mere birth under the old regime?
In this sense, receiving low grades can be seen as an oppressive conditioning system aimed at leading the individual to accept their future disadvantaged social status.


It is largely the family social network that determines the success of an individual.
The American model of the 'self-made man' is the exception put forward to hide the statistically significant reality.


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