What is an adult?

I propose here a division into stages of development, à la Jean Piaget.


Learn social rules.


Learns and practices the game of alliances without parental support.


Able to confront the group when it denies the facts.

The adult stage supposes accepting to suffer the consequence, namely a possible exclusion from the group.

Note also that the majority of individuals will never reach the adult stage.

Why is it extremely difficult to become fully adult?

Because we have to confront social groups, and there is a heavy price to pay for that, which is very often the exclusion of these groups, and because this harms, sometimes seriously, our social position.

It is therefore a little less difficult to become fully adult, if:
1. we have received an education that values \u200b\u200bmoral position more than social success, and above all that values \u200b\u200bsincerity more than posture.
2. you are part of a privileged environment in which survival is not the main concern.

Although... Let's take for example the document Buddhism, the law of silence by Elodie Emery and Windrille Lanos, broadcast by Arte, and probably available on Youtube.

Why is it important to become fully adult?

When we do not become fully adult, cognitive dissonance gradually leads us to lie to ourselves, to preserve the good self-image.

Link with the ability to conduct serious reasoning and make decisions in the general interest

When one does not become fully adult, one becomes incapable of conducting serious reasoning and making decisions in accordance with the general interest, not only out of conscious self-interest, but because one becomes locked into one's own lies to oneself.

Summary and objective

Becoming fully adult is the only way to age well, to feel good in life without the need for permanent distractions (consumerism, organized trips, honors, power, etc.) to hide one's own misery, but it is an extremely demanding way.

This leads many people to claim that they were given these abnormally favorable conditions, so as not to have to look at the compromises they entered into, that cognitive dissonance gradually enabled them to hide themselves through self-deception. Let's also not forget all those who having shamelessly played the game of alliances, and lost, often claim that they lost ... because of moral scruples.

One of the main objectives of this site, and of the association which will be born, is to connect people who make the demanding choice to become fully adults, because it is easier to overcome a trial when one is surrounded by


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