What conditions must be met to produce serious reasoning?

Dealing with a problem involves carrying out the following process:
1. Recognize the problem
2. Conduct a serious analysis.
3. Develop a solution, often partial.
4. Implement it.

The conditions for being able to carry out such a process correctly, i.e. to produce serious reasoning, are:
1. That the person leading the decision-making process has the necessary skills.
2. Provide the amount of work required by the complexity of the subject.
3. That it be sincere in its conclusions as opposed to directing them according to a particular interest.
4. That it is not the victim of beliefs that would lead it to bias its conclusions in good faith.

Steps in the problem solving process

See the problem

The main difficulties in noticing the problem are:

1. have the courage to look the problem in the face, and above all to take the risk of possibly confronting the social group which wishes to maintain the current functioning, i.e. to ignore the problem,

2. go back to the origin of the problem, and not be satisfied with noting more visible negative consequences.

Conduct an analysis

The main difficulties related to the analysis are:

1. produce an exhaustive analysis of the situation, and not just follow certain preferred leads,

2. use logical reasoning, based on knowledge established in accordance with the scientific method, and not on personal beliefs or collective dogmas.

Work out a solution

Often the solution is only partial. Beware of the temptation to discard best practices.

Implement it

This presupposes having the courage to eventually confront the social group that wishes to maintain the current functioning.

The conditions to be able to produce a serious reasoning

It is the fourth question 'not to be the victim of beliefs leading to biasing the conclusions in good faith' which is the most difficult to satisfy. From capital to reason introduces the notion of strategic rating.


Refer to the question 'What are good practices in the world of work?'

For a more detailed description of the difficulty of conducting serious reasoning, see chapter 4 of the book From capital to reason.

For a more detailed explanation of the notion of strategic rating, see Chapters 7, 10 and 11.

Explorer éventuellement la notion 'Echelle des comportements' qui détaille l'amont du traitement des problèmes, c'est à dire fait un inventaire des techniques d'évitement pour ne pas constater le problème (ignorer, nier, accuser, se justifier), puis reprend les étapes du traitement (analyser, imaginer) en oubliant la dernière (mettre en oeuvre).


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