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Life will have led me to recast computer science, politics, and philosophy. Nothing that came after Pliant had been planned at the beginning. Only a rigourous clarification requirement existed.


  What to do with your life?



This website, in the form of a series of questions, offers philosophical bases for leading one's life in today's disrupted society, and makes reading the book more accessible. From capital to reason.


  From capital to reason



This book is the product of a lifetime of searching for the why of collective human behavior, finding no book offering an explanation beyond the merely plausible, and even less a satisfactory solution for living well together.

Computer science



The Pliant language, and the FullPliant operating system, are free software of which I am the author, and which I have been making available for 20 years.
Pliant is classic computing, but well constructed, that is to say with a lot of thought on the concepts, and as a result less than 200,000 lines of code for the whole, where standard computing is has become a completely crazy pile-up, including in the case of free software.
But Pliant also shows that the distribution, including of free computer software, is much more a matter of marketing than of technical merit, which I have clearly ignored.




On the other hand, Storga is a completely different way of approaching IT, with the aim of allowing operational staff to maintain control of their information system, that is to say the ability to adapt and automate it in complete autonomy, without becoming, either beforehand or in the long term, professional developers.
Storga was created as part of the Copliant company.




Some aphorisms freely inspired by key points of the book From capital to reason.