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Should we seek pleasure?

Yes, on the condition of adding to the pleasure-seeking dimension a dimension of ego control and the search for minimality.

In addition, it is necessary to sort through the pleasures, and to favor the simplest ones.

The hedonistic illusion

As soon as the search for pleasure is no longer accompanied by a search for minimality, but on the contrary by a search for the most intense sensations, we switch to hedonism.


The need for intense pleasures is often the sign that they serve to hide a deep malaise.


When the same pleasure is repeated, there is a phenomenon of habituation, so you always need more sensations to obtain the same pleasure, as with certain drugs.


Going towards more sophisticated pleasures requires higher financial means, thus favoring a shift towards an objective of material success above all, with the main tool to achieve this being the game of alliances, and therefore the stress associated with it.

Pleasure only leads to happiness insofar as it helps us to move forward.


Epicurus, Maxime capital VIII: “No pleasure is in itself an evil;


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See also the classification of pleasures proposed by the philosopher Epicurus.

Chapter 22 'Citizenship, Education and Philosophy' of the book From capital to reason opposes hedonistic pleasure and ataraxic pleasure.

Regarding hedonism, see the film Feast by Marco Ferreri.


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