Why is politics important?

1. We may be tempted to find our balance by working on ourselves, remaining on the margins of society.

2. A satisfactory social organization is above all a social organization that functions well even with a large number of unethical individuals.

The danger of trying to live on the margins

When the dominant group makes a decision that ruins the life project of an individual or a small group trying to live on the margins, the latter has little chance of being able to defend itself effectively, for two reasons:


It is statistically insignificant, so does not interest politicians.


He is seen as 'different', so he does not provoke empathy from the dominant group.

Limits of individual development

When you do in-depth work on yourself, you can eventually reach a stage of maturity where you no longer need rules other than those you set yourself, and therefore be tempted to no longer


See the question 'Should pleasure be sought?'


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