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If they want to succeed, people just have to work.

This sentence is the affirmation of the dogma of equal opportunity.


On the one hand, it assumes that all individuals have received sufficient qualities of their own, as well as a quality education, giving them a real chance of succeeding on their own.
What are the chances, in a democracy, of an individual whose neurons have been largely fried because the mother drank, and who has received as an education only paternal violence, sexual abuse from uncles, and failure


On the other hand, he denies nepotism, ie the fact that success is largely the product of chance, and even more of the social power of the family network.

L'équation de la réussite

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Cette équation illustre que la réussite est le produit de trois facteurs, et non d'un seul.
Ceci est vrai aussi bien au niveau de la réussite sociale que sportive.


Les caractères 3(IV) de La Bruyère : « Ce qui disculpe le fat ambitieux de son ambition est le soin que l'on prend, s'il a fait une grande fortune, de lui trouver un mérite qu'il n'a jamais eu, et aussi grand qu'il croit l'avoir. »


Le biais d'autocomplaisance, article Wikipedia

Refer to the question 'Why is coaching a dangerous illusion?'

Augmentation des inégalités, liée à l'automatisation, aux USA, dans la période 1960 - 2020
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