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How to overcome fear?

Fear is often what will have prevented us from living our life to the full.


We don't know a recipe for removing fear completely. The objective is therefore simply to be able to overcome one's fear, ie to have actions directed by one's reason and not by one's fears.

Analyze the effects of fear

The approach that we recommend consists in seeking to identify the cases where fear has taken over, which are of two types:


Not having tried, out of fear


The final decision is the product of fear, opposed to reason

Methods to regulate fear

The techniques to reduce the level of fear are:


Risk avoidance (inhibition, routine)




Experimenting with minimality (better identifying our non-basic needs)


Compensate for fear with pleasure


Face your fear with your reason

The objective at this level is to limit recourse to avoidance.

In addition, when fear is linked to uncertainty about the future, it is necessary to identify what depends on us or not, in order to be able to act on what depends on us:


The game of alliances is a source of fear, because it is versatile.


Impermanence is also a source of fear, and the almost only grip we have is to live fully in the present moment.
Seeking a certain minimality in one's life also makes it possible to limit the fear of downgrading and, more generally, anxieties about the future.


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