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What is philosophy ?

Object and definition of philosophy

La définition même de la philosophie est une question qui fait débat entre philosophes. Nous ne cherchons pas ici à entrer dans ce débat, mais à éclairer la démarche de vie que nous proposons sur ce site.

We define philosophy as the attempt to answer two questions:


How do you deal with the stress of the disappearance, past or future, of those you love, possibly starting with yourself?


How to get out of mutually destructive natural attitudes, namely mainly widespread nepotism as described in the documentary Caribbean Primates?

What Philosophy Is Not

Our definition of philosophy implies that, conversely, we exclude rhetoric, that is to say the art of discourse, because even if it has been taught in many schools of philosophy, it is not

A philosophy finally in line with the modern scientific method

Physics and mathematics adopted the modern scientific method from the start. From capital to reason brings politics into the fold of modern science.

The method of a Christophe André, based on positive psychology, tends to select, in the experiments in conformity with the modern scientific method, those which come to confirm an ancestral wisdom.

We also warn against all therapies and beliefs that find their scientific justification at the level of neurosciences.

How to deal with death?

We refer here simply to the question 'What is impermanence?'

Why is the question 'How to get out of mutually destructive natural attitudes' so important?

The report Caribbean Primates by Jack Silberman and Jean-Christophe Ribot, shows that in a situation of abundance, and in the absence of external threat, it is the nepotic social attitude adopted by rhesus macaques that creates an environment of extreme stress for all However, on the one hand, the behavior of these monkeys is found among us, because their instincts produced by genetics are almost identical to ours, and on the other hand, the technological revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries places us in the same type.

Limits of philosophy

In the answer to the question 'How to succeed in life?', we affirm the necessary search for a certain form of minimality, the simplest pleasures. Our response is that it is simply the point where philosophy stops, ie no longer provides an answer.


Regarding the second question of philosophy:
Watch the report Caribbean Primates by Jack Silberman and Jean-Christophe Ribot, available on Arte replay.
See the questions 'What is a human?' Read Chapter 22 'Citizenship, Education and Philosophy' of the book From capital to reason.

Regarding the limits of philosophy:
refer to the book If it's a man by Primo Levi. Also refer to the book Human specie de Robert Antelme, pour comprendre l'effet de l'organisation sociale en situation de précarité extrême (est-ce que ce sont les politiques ou les droit-communs qui exercent le pouvoir).


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