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What is the modern political method?

Humans naturally use two methods for decision making:


the statutory method: the group assigns to one of its members the task of making decisions in certain areas (which does not prevent this person from consulting before making their decision)


the voting method: the final decision is the proposal which, after deliberation, wins the most votes

The old regime, and the dictatorships, correspond to the overall statutory form: the king decides.
Direct democracy is the method of voting.
Between the two, there is a whole series of intermediate or mixed methods.

It can be assumed that groups of hunter-gatherers, even before the Neolithic revolution, used these two methods: either choose (or be imposed by the law of the strongest) a leader, or decide by deliberation.

Unsuccessful attempts to reform the two natural decision-making methods

When the modern scientific method leads to the technological good of the 19th century, the archaism of social organization, which leads to shocking inequalities (see Emile Zola), becomes more visible.

Or toutes les tentatives au XIXᵉ de définition d'une nouvelle organisations sociales (Saint Simonisme, Positivisme, Fouriérisme, Anarchisme, Communisme) échouent parce qu'elles ne parviennent pas à réformer au delà d'un nouveau mixte le système naturel de prise de décisions (statutaire ou vote). Elles tombent de fait toutes dans l'un, ou même plusieurs, des trois travers suivants :


Denying the problem, considering inequalities as natural.


Call for more morality, ie the emergence of a new man.


Propose a new convoluted combination of the two traditional methods (statutory and voting) of decision-making, which will prove ineffective when implemented.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the yellow vest movement in France came up against the same problem of inability to propose an in-depth reform of the decision-making method.

Definition of the modern political method

The modern political method is to say that a decision only stands as long as the reasoning leading to it is not invalidated.

Why this term 'modern political method?'
Parallel to the modern scientific method

Read the question 'What is the modern scientific method?'.

With the modern scientific method, knowledge no longer depends on social support.

Usefulness of the modern political method

The modern scientific method enabled the technological leap of the 19th and 20th centuries.
In the same way, the modern political method must allow a good quality at the level of social organization.

Why only now?

One may wonder why Antiquity practiced science without leading to the modern scientific method?


Consult the second part of the book From capital to reason, which presents, in more detail, a method of implementing the modern political method.

Read (or listen, because available on litteratureaudio.com) Paris de Emile Zola, en particulier le livre 2, chapitres 4 et 5, pour comprendre que le problème de l'injustice sociale se posait à la fin du XIXᵉ siècle en des termes pratiquement identiques à ceux d'aujourd'hui, avec au centre un rapport à la vérité des faits, et donc une contestation de la science, qui pose problème.


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