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Why is trust an indispensable and scuttled component?

To get a group to collaborate on a project, there are three solutions:


either we demonstrate to everyone the relevance of the project


either some of the members decide to trust a priori


either we impose collaboration via hierarchical dependence or via constraint (company, army, repressive state)

Proving is long, if not impossible for the most complex projects, so trust is necessary for operational efficiency.

Imposing collaboration produces discomfort, and poor quality collaboration.

Gaining trust is difficult, because it means acknowledging your mistakes.
The world of work has taken on the bad habit of dispensing with trust through the economic constraint of earning a living, which explains the ever-increasing pressure to put everyone to work, and the associated ideology of those who do not work. The political world has taken the bad habit of preferring hardline rhetoric, even if it means denying the obvious, so as not to recognize its mistakes, and is therefore gradually undermining trust.


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