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What social organization would make it possible to live in harmony?

For example, the one described in the second part of the book From capital to reason.

It is based on several key concepts:


Production is ensured by organizations on a human scale, to limit hierarchical levels, and favor those who do and not those who manage resources.


Strategic decisions are taken there in accordance with a formalism aimed at guaranteeing the rigor of the reasoning.


The introduction of a strategic rating system to entrust the decisions with the greatest impact on the community to the people most capable of making decisions in accordance with the general interest and in accordance with the scientific method.
This contrasts with the current systems in which these decisions are left to the most successful people in the game of alliances.


It is the spirit and not the letter of the law that prevails. This contrasts with current systems in which it is the vote and statutory power that ratify and suppress decisions and laws.

The effect of such a social organization is on the one hand to allow degrowth, thus respecting ecological constraints, i.e. living in harmony with nature, and on the other hand to restore confidence in the quality of


Read on this site the answers to the two questions 'How to satisfy the ecological constraint?' From capital to reason'.
Then the first part of the book From capital to reason explains why the social organization must be constructed in this way, and the second part describes this social organization in more detail.


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