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What is a good friend?

Alliance game product buddies

A fake boyfriend is someone with whom you have a relationship whose main objective is to 'network'.


shared beliefs


prêts à échanger de la cooptation, ou une lutte contre d'autres


le lien est fragile, car intéresssé et soumis aux renversements d'alliances

Characteristics of a true friendship

On the other hand, true friends correspond to the desire to succeed in life, and are characterized by:


respect for others


trust in others




common projects or areas of interest

Conditions of a true friendship

Being able to maintain a real friendly relationship is not self-evident, it implies:


give up presenting to the other a facade that hides the real intentions, or presents us in a more rewarding light


la capacité à conduire ensemble la résolution de problème


be able to establish a relationship unpolluted by social ambition, i.e. in which no one seeks to be above the other

The obstacles to true friendship are therefore:


the beliefs that keep the relationship in a straightjacket


social ambition


the omnipotence or even disregard of the other, i.e. the inability to consider the other other than as a resource to be used in the best of one's own interests

De fait, être capable d'entretenir une amitié véritable suppose plus ou moins d'avoir mis en place le travail personnel décrit dans les réponses aux questions 'Que faut-il faire pour être quelqu'un de bien ?' et 'Comment réussir sa vie ?'. En l'absence de circonstances favorables, on peut difficilement être un meilleur ami que l'on est un bon individu.
En revanche, quand les individus sont devenu capables d'une amitié véritable, rien ne s'oppose à ce qu'une relation commence avec un objectif de se faire du réseau, et que ce reconnaissant et s'appréciant mutuellement, cette relation évolue progressivement vers une amitié véritable, par le choix de laisser transparaître ce qu'il y a derrière la façade.

Benefits of friendship

True friendship is the most successful form of social bond:


it makes it possible to magnify the pleasure through sharing.


it is the best remedy for our feeling of vulnerability vis-à-vis a world over which we have little control.


it also allows you to find in yourself the strength to continue in moments of doubt, telling yourself that you are doing it 'for others', or 'not to disappoint others'.


finally, it allows a flexible collaboration, unpolluted by notions of precedence, nor by the permanent evaluation by each partner of his interest in this collaboration.

Friendship Measure

The strength of a friendship is measured by how much one is willing to be harmed for the sole purpose of preserving the relationship, and not in an ostentatious assertion of the strength of this friendship.
The nature and strength of friendship can therefore only be measured reliably, alas, when one experiences difficult times, which has been observed everywhere and throughout the centuries.


This is the answer that we bring to the level of the question 'How to succeed in life?' The downgraded, battered by life, by abandoning social ambition, thereby become more apt for true friendship, even before having worked on themselves to rebuild themselves.


Voltaire: “Only good people have friends;


Se reporter à la question 'Comment réussir sa vie ?' pour bien comprendre la différence fondamentale entre réussir dans la vie et réussir sa vie.

Regarding fake friends, listen to the song There weren't many by Marcel Amont.
And about true friendship, listen to the song I f by Jacques Brel.


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