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Why do we live?

There is no reason in life.

Conversely, there is a freedom, and therefore a responsibility, in the way of leading one's life, all the greater if one is privileged by providence in terms of personal gifts and favorable social situation.

The right question to ask is therefore not why I live, but what am I doing with my life?
In Stoic terms, this can be expressed in the form: one does not choose one's fate, but one chooses how one faces it.

Social ambition is not a satisfying answer

The most common mistake is not working on the question of what to do with your life, and answering it by simply following your instinct for social ambition (see the question 'What is a human? It actually works quite poorly, firstly because, as Epicurus notes, these pleasures can never be satisfied: more is always needed. First, social ambition leads to intense practice of generalized nepotism, which induces social violence. Second, the social ambition associated with the vain desires of Epicurus leads to the intensification of the resolution of cognitive dissonance through self-deception, and the relentless adoption of the beliefs of the social groups to which one seeks to belong.


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